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Quality and Classics you won't find anywhere else.

TODAY, Fresh, wholesome food, served by real, friendly people is what has set Frisch's Big Boy apart.

What makes our food so delicious and different is that we make so much from scratch with carefully sourced ingredients.

Our beef patties are made with 100% beef that we grind fresh daily. Our Prime Time burgers are hand-formed right in the restaurant. Coming soon is our Meatloaf that is created in the Frisch's kitchen.

Sausage links and patties are made in the Frisch's Kitchen.

Our famous tartar sauce is from a timeless recipe. Great on our seafood selections. Where else can you order a sandwich on a fresh rye bun?

Our crispy onion rings are never frozen. They are hand-breaded daily in each restaurant using Northwest colossal sweet yellow onions. We bake our biscuits daily.

Soups at Frisch's are made from scratch the old-fashioned way, too. We simmer our vegetable soup stock for no less than 6 hours.

Most of our dressings and sauces are made from our own special recipes. Real Buttermilk in our Ranch means more fresh flavor (and less fat); Chunky Bleu Cheese and Thousand Island dressings.

No one does desserts like Frisch's. All our pies are made from scratch, with premium-sourced ingredients like real pumpkin, Michigan cherries and Southern pecans. Crusts are scratch-made, trans fat free. And everybody's favorite, Hot Fudge Cake, features a heavenly homeade devil's food cake.

At Frisch's Big Boy, there's so much to love, because there's nothing quite like it.






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